I'm glad to see the administration can take a joke.

Man I miss senior pranks, we had a whole week of them at my school, but it was mainly just little things. Don't worry no vandalism at my school, just little things like not showing up on the last day. Seriously, finals were done and I still need to go to these classes? What are we doing?!

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Looks high school seniors are wrapping up the year and at Glenpool High School in Gleenpool, Oklahoma. Some seniors decided to change the name of their school. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Glenpoop high school.

Someone took one of those folding cardboard displays for science fairs and put a big blue P on it. Hung it up over the L and bam. We have a prank that Beavis and Butthead would get a chuckle out of. I'm actually shocked that the school itself shared the image on Facebook. We all know some hard a** principal back in the day that would have been like, 'THAT'S IT NO ONE IS GRADUATING UNTIL WE FIND OUT WHO DID THIS TO OUR SIGN!'


It's not permanent, you pop the cardboard right off and everyone goes about their day. I'm actually shocked as well to see the parents laughing at the prank too. I was waiting for some angry mom to be like , "I cannot believe the word POOP was on the school this morning. This generation of children have no respect for private property."

To the seniors in Oklahoma that pulled this off today. Kudos to you. Best of luck in whatever your future plans are.

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