If you haven't heard the news yet T-Mobile announced that they were hacked recently and over 40 million customers were compromised. The hackers gained access to personal information including names, social security numbers and other sensitive data.

So who all was affected? Anyone who applied for T-Mobile credit may have had their personal information stolen along with current T-Mobile customers who pay for services and phones in monthly installments. Even some prepaid customers were compromised.

To get all the details on this visit the official T-Mobile website. From what they're saying right now no financial, banking or credit information was hacked.

However if you're currently a T-Moblie customer you're advised to change your PIN numbers and other account passwords to be safe. Click here for more information. It also wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on all your other accounts and personal information just to be safe.

After the news broke about the data breach T-Mobile said they will offer two years of free identity theft protection services to their customers.You can get all the details by clicking here.

You can also get more information on the different types of personal information that may have been compromised by clicking here. They're still investigating the breach and are working to better secure all the sensitive information they possess. Cybersecurity these days is a never ending mission.

T-Mobile customers will get regular updates on the situation and notified of any changes or potential security issues. In the meantime go to the site and do all the suggested steps to protect yourself and your personal information.

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