Praying Mantis Vs. Murder Hornet. It sounds like a rip off B-Horror title that's sure to take place somewhere in the Godzilla universe, well it's not. This friends is 100% real, I know right. Damn nature you scary!

WARNING: Before you smash the play button on this video know that's it's pretty graphic. By pretty graphic I mean heads being ripped off and brains being eaten. So proceed with caution and if you're a little sensitive or queasy you might want to move along. You have been warned.

The Giant Asian Hornet A.K.A. the Murder Hornet has been all over the news and everyone's social media feeds for the past several days and for good reason. I mean look at it, this thing is HUGE and now they've been sighted in North America. It's the end of the world as we know it. But maybe we're all wrong about our displaced fears when it comes to the Murder Hornet. Maybe we should be afraid of the Praying Mantis instead.

I did not see this coming. I thought for sure the Murder Hornet would destroy the Prayer Mantis but I was wrong, dead wrong. So now that we know the Murder Hornet's prime enemy and predator we need to enlist their help for the coming war. It won't be easy but we could start breeding and training Praying Mantis to protect us and our Honey Bees from the Murder Hornet. I had no idea that Praying Mantis were so ferocious.

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