The Houston Chronicle and multiple other outlets report that George H. W. Bush has died in Kennebunkport, ME. He was 94.

2008 Republican National Convention: Day 2
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George Herbert Walker Bush, or Bush, Sr. as he was often referred, served a single term as the nations 41st President, after serving two terms as Vice-President under Ronald Reagan. His time in office laid the groundwork for the Bush political dynasty that would see his son’s Jeb and George W. catapulted to the national spotlight, with George W. serving one term as Texas Governor and two terms as President. Jeb Bush would go on to serve two terms as Governor of Florida and ran for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.

Bush, Sr. would be the last President to have served in WWII. He was at that time the youngest aviator in the United States Navy, having enlisted just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He served with great distinction as a Navy pilot during the war. He moved to Texas in the mid-1960’s and founded his own oil company. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives for Texas 7th Congressional District from 1966 to 1970. In 1971, President Nixon appointed Bush as Ambassador to the U.N.  He would go on to serve as Ambassador to China, then served as CIA Director under President Gerald Ford. He was defeated in the 1980 Republican Presidential Primary by Ronald Reagan, but Reagan would choose Bush to serve as his Vice President through both of his terms in office. His failure to keep his 'no new taxes' promise was said to be a key factor in his loss to Democrat Bill Clinton in the 1992 Presidential election.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott issued the following statement Friday night:

"The state of Texas mourns with the nation at the passing of one of our greatest Presidents. George H.W. Bush was an American hero and icon, he was a friend to all he met, he embodied class and dignity. Texans are genuinely honored that he called the Lone Star State home and we collectively grieve this monumental loss. On behalf of Texas, Cecilia and I offer our thoughts and prayers to the Bush family in their time of need."

Bush and his son George W. are only the second father-son duo to serve in the White House; John Adams and John Quincy Adams were the first. Bush’s wife, Barbara, passed away in April of this year. The couple were married for 73 years and held the distinction of being the longest-married Presidential couple in our republic’s history, having surpassed the 54-year union of President John and First Lady Abigail Adams.

Information on the public memorial will be announced in the coming days.

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