Procter & Gamble is making a gamble that several new toothpaste flavors will get people more excited about brushing their teeth. Could it be a trick on the part of P & G? Maybe it will cause people to think they're eating dessert. 

New Toothpaste Flavors
New Crest toothpaste flavors (click to enlarge)

For the last 59 years, Crest Toothpaste has been on store shelves in many different flavors. Next month, you will be able to have a new experience, Chocolate Toothpaste. Chocolate?  Mint Chocolate Trek to be exact. Other flavors will be released as well. Lime Spearmint Zest and Vanilla Mint Spark.

Now before you go to grab several tubes and commence to eating them, keep this in mind. The flavors are totally artificial. As far as we know. There is no actual chocolate added to toothpaste.

So now that there is yet another choice on the toothpaste aisle, will you be willing to try it or will you stay with the tried and true?

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