Well, I'm not quite Ernie Banks, but to paraphrase the late, great Chicago Cub, "it's a beautiful day for Quidditch, let's play two."

Harry Potter enthusiasts have been trying to recreate the classic wizard game for years, but mostly on the ground. But recently, a group of extreme skydivers pushed their talents (and some may say their luck) to the limit by playing Quidditch the way it was intended...in the sky. The players make their jump from an air-craft soaring at close to 14,000 feet, before entering the high-soaring match, complete with an oversized Qiddich ball and ring.

But these players took it to the next level, as a group of six Colombian sky walkers conducted their match more than 10,000 om the air. All of the players are employees of the telecommunications company ETB, who filmed the match for a commercial. ETB has already received more than 450,000 views on YouTube, while a version posted to the company's Facebook page has received more than 11 million hits. Even J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books was impressed, retweeting the video on her own account.