Country traditionalist Ray Scott is looking to change his scenery on his new song, "Leave This Town." The singer-songwriter is longing to return to where he came from on a country ballad that's premiering exclusively with Taste of Country.

Scott uses his unique, booming baritone to heart-wrenching effect over a backdrop of acoustic guitar and aching pedal steel swells. "I'm gonna put it in my dust / Cut my losses, chalk it up / To one more meant to be goodbye / I've gonna leave this town behind," he sings in the chorus.

The North Carolina native has seen success in recent years by sticking to his roots as a traditional-minded artist, but he says that even so, Nashville can be an emotional struggle.

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"'Leave This Town' is a song that was born out of missing home," he tells us. "Feeling like you’re at a crossroads in your life and the thought of leaving what you have to go back to where it all started. Having been here in Nashville for over twenty years I have been here for literally half my life, and there have been thoughts at times about going back home to be closer to family. I think any musician who’s been doing this a long time and made the sacrifices they’ve made, missing family and loved ones and seeing life pass by so quickly has felt the same way."

Scott was previously signed to Warner Bros. Nashville, but he didn't break through until he released his third album, 2012's Rayality, independently. Promoting the project primarily via the internet and satellite radio, Scott ended up selling 200,000 units — a feat practically unheard of for an independent country artist. He followed with a self-titled album in 2014 and Guitar for Sale in 2017, and "Leave This Town" is the first taste fans have had of his forthcoming EP, Honky Tonk Heart, which is set for release on Friday (March 1).

For pre-order information about Honky Tonk Heart, visit Scott's official website. You can also keep up with him via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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