Well we all knew this day was coming, it's the rise of the machines! I've seen too many science fiction and horror movies to not know what's about to happen. As if dealing with COVID-19, Murder Hornets and Mother's Natures moodiness wasn't enough, we can now add robot dogs.

Yes robot dogs. Have you ever noticed that every time advanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is discussed there's always that lurking question or threat of "Will it attack humans?" Followed by someone saying "Don't be ridiculous." Followed still by the robot or computer wreaking havoc on mankind ending civilization as we know it. "Not this one, this one's different. It kinda looks like a doggie." Sure it looks cute, but don't let that fool you.

Meet Spot, an advanced mobile robot who's main function is sensing, surveillance, inspection and remote operation. At least that's the job it's suppose to do until it breaks free of it's programming and goes on a murderous rampage. Just kidding, or am I? Seriously though it's amazing how far we've come with robotics and A.I. What use to be sci-fi or just some crazy dream is now a reality. All kidding aside these robots can be seriously helpful and do all kinds of things to assist us in day to day life.

This particular robot, is a Spot and was developed by Boston Dynamics and is in use in Singapore to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. It kind of resembles a dog and it's job is to walk around watching people and remind them to follow CDC guidelines and social distance. So basically we've replaced you Karen and no you can't speak to the manager! It also tracks movement data and other information as it patrols. It's a four legged robot cop dog. And no it won't bark, reprimand or write you a ticket, yet...

Can you imagine one of these things running around Elmer Thomas Park? They'd need to arm it for sure. Otherwise it would end up shot up, in pieces, sold for scrap or in a pawn shop somewhere. It would start with "How much copper do you think that thing has on the inside." Although it's just creepy enough most would avoid it at all cost.

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