When Australian singer/songwriter Russell Morris releases an album, there's always a good story to go along with it; that's especially true of his 2012 blues album Sharkmouth, which Morris released in the U.S. for the first time on Sept. 30. To celebrate the project's recent release, Morris is giving readers of The Boot an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at making of the record: Fans can learn the tales behind Sharkmouth and its unique exploration into Australia's history. The following is Part Four of the four-part series.

Released in 1969, "The Real Thing" was Russell Morris' debut single -- and it also made the singer a star. Gaining critical acclaim and commercial success in both Australia and the United States, the groundbreaking rock song is considered one of the best Australian pop-rock recordings of the era; in fact, in 2013, "The Real Thing" was added to Australia's National Film and Sound Archive. The tune was written by Johnny Young and produced by Ian "Molly" Meldrum, and Morris admits that its success was a huge surprise.

"It was a wild, wild time," he recalls. "It was like trying to ride a stallion and hanging on for dear life because everything became surreal ... it was a lot of fun."

But almost 50 years later, the good times keep on coming for Morris: Sharkmouth is the 12th studio album of his career, and its unprecedented success has encouraged the singer-songwriter to continue making groundbreaking music. As Morris' first Top 10 album and the highest-selling project of his career, Sharkmouth may also be a precursor to new music for American audiences; indeed, he already has a new album in the works.

"I'm going to do another two albums maybe -- definitely another one," says Morris of what's next, adding that while the second album is sometimes even harder than the first, he already has plans to make his sophomore American release the best it can be. "I've gotta make sure that it's right. Instead of doing 12 tracks like I did on the last album, I'll do 18, and then I'll know I can probably cull five, and I'll be able to get the best of what's there."

Readers can press play above to watch Morris perform his very first single and learn more about what's to come from the Aussie Americana rocker.

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