Scotty McCreery takes his fans deeper inside his real life in the new video for his latest song, "In Between."

The country singer and Season 10 American Idol champion goes behind his public persona in the new clip to show what it's really like to split his time between a relatively quiet, normal life with his wife Gabi and a career that takes him all over the world and puts him squarely in the spotlight. The video above intersperses footage of McCreery and Gabi at home, on vacation and just hanging out with scenes of him on an airplane, backstage with his band, looking at the crowd lined up to see him perform and more to create a portrait of what it's like to try to balance the demands of home life and a very public career.

McCreery teamed with Frank Rogers, Jessi Alexander and Jonathan Singleton to write "In Between," which Rogers produced. The song reveals a new side to McCreery, whose public image is sometimes more sanitized than he is in real life.

"I'm in between / Friday night wild and quiet Sunday morning / Between done after one and keep on pouring / Ain't too high, ain't too low / Just holding down the middle, I'm steady as I go / I ain't all holy water and I ain't all Jim Bean / I'm somewhere in between," McCreery sings in the chorus.

The song is the third single from McCreery's career-changing album Seasons Change, following two back-to-back No. 1 hits in "Five More Minutes" and "This Is It."

As an example of his "Jim Beam" side, McCreery told Taste of Country about a wild party he and his buddies threw in college. They were expecting maybe 50-75 people, but things got out of control, and by the time the police showed up, there were three or four hundred people packed into their little house.

"Cops came over at like 12:30 and they said, verbatim, 'We've got to give y’all a ticket, but this is impressive. This is the biggest party we’ve seen that wasn’t Greek at NC State,'" McCreery recounts. "I’m like, perfect! That’s great. Had a good time."

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