I love that our community does this.  Holiday in the Park is hosting a free showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Friday Night (the 14th).

Movie in the Park will be at Elmer Thomas Park (Northwest 3rd and Ferris).  The movie begins around dusk but it's a great family-friendly atmosphere with concessions for sale.

Bring a few things with you, though, to maximize your chance of having a fantastic time:

1.  Bring a blanket to put on the ground.  The kids will love it and it will keep the bugs off your ankles (a little).

2.  Bring the bug spray -- because this awesome event is at the exact time mosquitoes want to make a dinner out of you.

3.  Bring your outside chairs because there is no seating other than what you provide.

4.  Bring a little cash to buy food or snacks.

5.  Bring the kids -- but make sure you don't just let them run wild.  Give them something reflective and recognizable if they do want to play with friends. That will help you see them and others, too.

These kinds of events are what make communities special.  But, they only happen if you take advantage of them and, when the weather cools down, the opportunity is gone.  So, do yourself a favor and bring your family.  As long as you remember the bug spray, you're guaranteed a fantastic time!