This is pretty genius.

Reddit user Mischlecht rigged his doorbell to make the Seinfeld theme play when it's rung, but it can only be triggered by clicking it three times.

"Unfortunately, It's on the end of the owner of the doorbell," Mischlecht writes. "Otherwise that would be hilarious to garnish the reactions from some of those people you're delivering to!"

This got us thinking, though: why aren't TV show theme doorbells a thing? They exist on ringtones. Surely, there's a market for this. Come on, wouldn't you love to hear classics like Seinfeld, Friends and Growing Pains or current ones like The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Stranger Things?

Or what if you could set it up so you could have all of them ready to play and you can change which you would want to play when you get tired of one? Oh, the entire doorbell industry could be turned on its ear. Maybe one day, right?

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