Kane Brown has already collaborated with a number of artists in his young career, from Lauren Alaina to Khalid. But now the country music hitmaker seems to have his sights set on a music icon: Shania Twain.

"We've done so many pop collaborations recently, I think I want some country to finish this mixtape," Brown remarked during a chat with ET Canada, naming Twain in particular as a big name he dreams of working with.

As he referenced, the country singer recently released a new EP, Mixtape Vol. 1.

Twain caught wind of his interest in working with her, and good news, it sounds like she's up for it!

"Let's do this!" Twain writes in a tweet on Sept. 3.

Fans of both the country artists seemed excited about the possibility of a duet, with one Twitter follower saying they're "dying with excitement please make this happen" — hopefully not literally.

Brown's credibility has grown as he matures as both an artist and a vocalist — his chops evident on a new collab with John Legend called "Last Time I Say Sorry," released earlier this year. The country singer says he learned so much during that recording process.

"I'm glad glad I was in the studio with him [Legend] because he kinda made me sing differently," Brown says. "I made him go first and I got to watch him sing that song. I literally was fully projecting, which I usually don’t do. I’m usually just super chill. I literally was watching him fully belting it out. I feel like he was being my vocal coach on The Voice."

In fact, Brown insists he'll never sing the song the same way again, thanks to Legend: "I know how to project it now."

Next up for Brown, on Sept. 26, is a drive-in concert that will air at outdoor theaters in the United States and Canada. It's the first chance he's had to bring "live" music to fans since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started.

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