If you can't get tickets to be at the games you can always tune in and watch great local and area high school football using your phone, tablet, laptop or even your large screen smart T.V. and the best part is...IT'S FREE! You can watch Lawton High, MacArthur and Eisenhower football games, plus other schools and sports!

It's official, the high school football season is underway. This past Friday night (09-04-20) the MacArthur Highlanders scored a victory over the Eisenhower Eagles at Cameron Stadium. A lot of fans were left out, or were unable to get tickets due to limited availability. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity to social distance only 500 tickets per side of the stadium are available for purchase. As you can imagine those sell out fast between students and families. However you can still watch the games and cheer on your favorite teams thanks to OSN (Oklahoma Sports Network). With OSN you get the best seat in the stadium!

This past weekend I had several people ask me where they could listen to or watch the games because they couldn't get tickets. Or they had family and friends in other parts of the country who wanted to remotely root for their son, daughter, grand-kids, nieces, nephews, cousins you get the ideal. Well the absolute best way to do that is with OSN You can grab their app for free. You can watch live games, or browse through their "on demand" section in case you missed it the first time, or want to relive great plays and special moments.

Oklahoma Sports Network

Oklahoma Sports Network

OSN not only has football but they also carry basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, swimming and more. OSN covers all the Lawton high schools plus Duncan, Cache, Altus, Elgin, Newcastle, Noble and Cameron University sports. They also have high schools in Oklahoma City that they cover as well. Get the full listing here. They're always adding new sports and schools to the list.

The broadcast that OSN provides is in HD-TV and can be streamed on most smart devices, if you can download the app you can watch the games. You aren't limited to your phone, laptop or tablet either. You can get their free app and stream the games on your big screen too. The OSN app is available for Amazon Fire-TV, Apple TV and Roku as well. Just search OSN or Oklahoma Sports Network and grab the free app and you'll be all set for the game! You can click here for more details on the app.

The OSN crew is top notch and have some of the best play by play and color commentators around. They really do a great job and their broadcasts and production are on level with what you see on ESPN and other sports channels. Hopefully we'll see an end to COVID-19 soon so we can all get back to the stands. In the meantime you can always watch the games with OSN at the house, on the go and even in the stands.

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