Shania Twain‘s accused stalker had another outburst in court today, October 19, screaming “shame!” at the judge that denied his request for freedom.

Former Ottawa physician Giovanni (John) Palumbo, 51, swore under his breath when Justice Richard Schneider made the decision, reported the Associated Press. The judge was reluctant to keep Palumbo jailed, mainly because neither side will seek imprisonment in the case, but did so because there was no supervised release plan or scheduled psychiatric counseling presented.

“You know you’re all very sick, you really are — it’s so sad,” Palumbo said in court. “Have fun, because I’m going to keep having fun, wherever I am … What a bunch of psychopaths. Woohoo. Shame, shame, shame. Shame on all of you!”

This outburst is only the latest antic in a case that has been marked by Palumbo’s frenetic behavior. After much back and forth, Palumbo last month pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and one count of failure to comply with a court order for stalking Twain.

The plea came after Twain testified via video link describing the love letters the former physician had sent to her Ontario, Canada and Swiss homes. She also discussed the fear and vulnerability he instilled in her with many unwanted visits, including to her family cottage, her grandmother’s funeral and at the March Juno Awards where he was arrested.

Palumbo twice interrupted Twain’s testimony with outbursts and muttered to himself as she testified.

A court-ordered psychiatric evaluation found Palumbo has biopolar disorder and a narcissistic personality, but is criminally responsible for his actions.

Dr. Helen Ward, who conducted the evaluation for the court, will testify on Nov. 15. Palumbo could then face sentencing.