The case against alleged Shania Twain stalker Giovanni (John) Palumbo is in its third month, with testimony expected on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to decide if the defendant is mentally fit to continue. Psychiatrist Dr. Helen Ward will testify about her recent court-mandated evaluation of Palumbo.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Ward had determined that Palumbo was aware of his actions but may suffer from narcissistic disorder and bi-polar disorder. Today’s testimony is a result of a judge denying bail to Palumbo until Ward testified. Previously, she had only issued her findings in a report.

Last month, Palumbo didn’t take the news of his continued lock-up very well. He shouted ‘Shame!” at the courtroom. “You’re not going to make me schizophrenic. You’re not going to make me crazy,” he added. Twain testified via video in September saying Palumbo made her fear for her family’s safety.

Palumbo had been prohibited from coming within 500 yards of Twain. He also could not go to Toronto. Last March, he was arrested at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, where Twain was being honored at the Juno Awards. This was his second arrest for allegedly stalking Twain; the first was dismissed in 2009 because the singer wouldn’t testify against him.