Country rocker Shooter Jennings has big plans ahead -- both musically and visually. He is set to release a new album, 'The Other Life' on March 12, 2013 on Black Country Rock/Entertainment One. After hearing his first single, 'The White Trash Song,' fans are eager for more tunes from Jennings, son of the famed Waylon Jennings.

You'll hear familiar iconic voices on the album, with the likes of country stars Patty Griffin, Scott H. Biram, and Jim 'Dandy' Mangrum (frontman of Black Oak Arkansas) appearing. Jennings' backing band, known as the 'Triple Crown' also plays on 'The Other Life.'

In addition to his album, get ready to see the unforgettable Jennings on the big screen. He has an accompanying film to the album, also named 'The Other Life,' which will be screened at various venues. The hauntingly dark movie counterpart depicts Jennings on a supernatural journey, facing his undeniable destiny.

If that isn't enough to fill up this southern rebel's calendar, he will be co-producing a film based on his father, with the production starting in 2014. This is all good news for us, as it sounds like we'll have plenty of new material from the 'son of a rebel saint.'

Shooter Jennings 'The Other Life' Track Listing:

1. 'Flying Saucer Song'
2. 'A Hard Lesson To Learn'
3. 'The White Trash Song' (Featuring Scott H. Biram)
4. 'Wild & Lonesome' (Featuring Patty Griffin)
5. 'Outlaw You'
6. 'The Other Life'
7. 'The Low Road'
8. 'Mama, It's Just My Medicine'
9. 'The Outsider'
10. '15 Million Light-Years Away' (Featuring Jim Dandy)
11. 'The Gunslinger'

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