As I was at work my friend Craig who is a radio DJ in Wichita, Kansas posted a few pictures to my Facebook page from our St. Jude trip to Memphis in February of 2009 . These pictures were a definite blast from the past, a 7 pound blast from the past to be specific.We decided while in Memphis to head to a restaurant called the Kooky Canuck, and when we got there we were looking at the menu and we spotted the 'Kookamonga Challenge' which is a 7 and a half monster burger challenge. The Kookamonga Burger is 4lbs of fresh ground-chuck, two pounds of their custom made hamburger bun, and one and a half pounds of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and cheese, SEVEN AND A HALF POUNDS TOTAL.


The challenge is very simple, If you can finish the "Kookamonga" Burger in 60 minutes, without aid from others, you get the burger for free! You also get your picture on the Hall of Fame! Now before we go any further, let me just say that NO I did not take the Kookamonga Challenge! They do allow you to order it as a meal and I can tell you that between my friend Craig and I we still couldn't finish it all.


Now according to the Kooky Canuck website here is the nutritional break down.

Ground Chuck - 8,960 calories/176g fat

Bread - 2,464 calories/35.6g fat

American Cheese - 848 calories/55.2g fat

Tomato, onion, pickles, lettuce - 85 calories/0g fat

TOTAL CALORIES: 12,387        TOTAL FAT: 266.8g