Congratulations!  It's a girl!  Three simple words parents love to hear. Then within a few days, it all sinks in. Will I be a good parent? How will we afford college? Is that sniffle serious? Many questions roll through your head as time starts to pass by.The days turn to months and then the years start to fly by. And just when you think you have it all figured out, it hits you square between the eyes. The day she goes for her license. Yes, she's driving. The wonderful and magical day in her life where she has her freedom and can drive herself anywhere.

Wait. Drive any where? She doesn't need my assistance? That seems so final. I knew the day was coming, just not really ready to see Molly take flight and finally relieve her mom and me from taking her all over the place.

Yeah it is bittersweet to see Molly actually driving and taking the responsibility that comes with it. We have had all of the important talks that parents and new teen drivers have. Will I still wait up to make sure she gets home safely? Yes I will. Just like my parents did. Now the words they said to me are echoing back. Be safe as you drive.

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