Ever since we first met Skylar Laine, her ‘American Idol‘ performances have exploded like rock-infused country music firecrackers. She stomps around the stage, with a spring in her step and a twang in her voice like a mini Reba. While we love when she does her thang, it was time for us to see and hear something different and new from her.

On tonight’s episode (March 7), where the female contestants were asked to sing Whitney Houston songs, Laine chose the power ballad ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go.’ Before she took the stage, she said she would “bring country to Whitney”; and while she inserted a little twang into the song, she climbed the ladder throughout her entire performance showing off her overall vocal range.

Laine has already proved that she is a country gal and that she can rip through many of the genre’s songs with confidence, composure, poise and power. Nothing knocks her off her game, not the pressure and not the idea that millions of people are watching. Tonight, she truly proved that she can sing anything, regardless of genre. Her voice is capable of handling a power ballad or a rock anthem. She didn’t go too country on this particular pop ballad, and as a result, she earned two thumbs up.

Jennifer Lopez said that Laine handed over the biggest moment of the night so far, despite the fact that her performance was “nasally” at times, and not flawless.

Skylar Laine seems on her way to becoming this season’s Lauren Alaina. Is she “Skylar Alaina?” Maybe!

Watch Skylar Laine Perform ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ on ‘American Idol’

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