Have you ever found a beautiful piece of stained glass at a garage sale in Oklahoma but pieces were missing? You went ahead and bought it and now you don't know how to fix it. Luckily, there's a stained glass store in Fletcher, Oklahoma, that can teach you!

PeaceLuvGlass is a stained glass arts and crafts store located in Fletcher that sells stained glass supplies and also offers classes, projects and workshops! You can appreciate stained glass while also learning how to work with it and create beautiful stained glass creations for your home or as gifts.

And you can even learn how to repair that stained glass you found at a garage sale.

What is PeaceLuvGlass?

According to the store's official website, the owner started making stained glass out of fascination for the craft. They opened PeaceLuvGlass to bring an "old craft to the modern world, and teaching to ensure the craft continues generation after generation."

The store is located at 507 S East Drive in Fletcher. It sells stained glass and stained glass supplies while also offering classes. The store also has its own Etsy shop.

What classes are offered at PeaceLuvGlass?

According to the PeaceLuvGlass website, it looks like to store hosts multiple classes each month! They offer workshops, specific project classes, stained glass mosaic classes and much more! A list of classes is available on the PeaceLuvGlass website and its Facebook event page.

For more information about PeaceLuvGlass, the store and classes offered, check out the store's official website and Facebook page.

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