"Selfish" is a song from Stephanie Quayle's upcoming Love the Way You See Me album that requires a second listen. Then, if you're with the right partner, a second, third and fourth.

Quayle says the power ballad is her "sexy song."

"It's bold and it's honest," she tells Taste of Country. Nope, we're not gonna disagree. Listen to the soulful track below, and look for her new album to drop on Sept. 1.

"What can I say," Quayle adds. "I know how I feel about my man. I want all of his time. I can’t get enough of him. Walking into my writing session that day, we came up with this positive twist to a word that is usually a negative one. It’s been amazing to see couples react to this song like this is their story, too. It is taking on a life of its own."

The Montana native's flock may have thought Sept. 1 was a typo, but it's not. Quayle is surprising fans by dropping Love the Way You See Me early. Her next release on Rebel Engine will be an 11-track project full of Nashville's top songwriting efforts, plus six she helped write, and it will drop when the new month kicks off. Other highlights from the album include "Ugly," "Winnebago" and "Love the Way You See Me."

Listen to Stephanie Quayle, "Selfish"

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