Sometimes your luck can change when you least expect it, as Anthony Yorfido found out when he not only got to meet one of his idols, Steven Tyler, but perform with him onstage, all by happenstance.

According to the National Post, the young man, who has Down Syndrome, was at a medical supply store in Welland, Ont., having been recently devastated by not being able to snag tickets to an upcoming Aerosmith concert, when who should appear but Tyler.

Yorfido’s mother Diane noticed the limo parked outside and a familiar face wandering the rows.

“I’m looking at him and I know his face, but I couldn’t think of his name.” But her son did. “He goes, ‘Oh, my God! Steven Tyler, is that you?'”

Of course, it was, and Yorfido gave the artist a huge hug, which was promptly returned by the rocker.

When Tyler asked if the family was attending the show, Diane explained their lack of tickets due to the show being sold out.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, you guys are coming with me. I’ll get you backstage passes,” he replied, according to Diane.

But he did them one better. Tyler invited Yorfido on stage during “Sweet Emotion” to play the maracas at the beginning of the tune, and the smile on Yorfido’s face said it all. It was clear Tyler had given Yorfido a memory he would never forget. Check out the video above to see his big moment.

In a post to Facebook, Yorfido's cousin gushed about Tyler's kindness. "Steven Tyler did not have to go out of his way to give him tickets but on top of that he was an absolute kindhearted soul in the way he treated my cousin. In addition, he even brought him out on stage. This man went above and beyond. This letter is to recognize not only this act of kindness that has forever changed my cousin’s life but also this beautiful soul himself, who deserves such kindness."

There is a Facebook page dedicated to Yorfido seeing another one of him dreams come true by getting him the chance to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Tyler plans to hit the road as a solo country artist soon, including headlining this summer’s WE Fest in Minnesota Aug. 4-6 with his new band, Loving Mary.

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