If you had a nickel for every time you put off looking at your portfolio, you might be filthy rich.

There's no other viable conclusion after looking at the results of a survey where people confessed what they would rather do than sit down and examine their monthly finances.

About one thousand people in Britain took part in the poll, commissioned by Money Making Champion.

What would you rather do than go over your monthly finances?

  • 85% - Go out less
  • 69% - Have a painful injection
  • 65% - Have a root canal
  • 57% - Split up with your partner
  • 24% - Give up your cell phone

Quite frankly, we're surprised anyone would be willing to give up their cell phone, which is ironic, considering so many of us are addicted to it. However, when you think about how much people fork over each month for their plans, maybe giving up the phone is a sound economic decision.

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