Telecommuters may have no problem getting their work done, but they also use their time at home to sneak in a lot of personal activities. So what are they doing while you’re stuck at a desk in a stuffy office building?

According to a new survey of 1,000 workers by Wakefield Research, 43 percent of telecommuters watch TV or a movie, 20 percent play video games, a third do household chores, and a quarter grab a nap during traditional business hours.

Despite all of that, a Stanford University study indicates telecommuters are actually more productive than their office-toiling peers.

“If an employee is doing the work and producing the desired results, what difference does it make if he/she includes a nap or cooking or a school play in the so-called work day?” said Jack M. Nilles, founder of management consulting firm JALA International. “The whole point of teleworking, from the employee’s point of view, is the ability to fit one’s work into the rest of one’s life, not the other way around.”

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