We'd like to think this man's life was saved by first blade.

A team of doctors in India removed 40 knives from the stomach of a man who swallowed them over the course of two months because he likes the way the metal tastes.

Yeah, we know not everyone loves Indian food, but if you live over there there's gotta be something else you can down on, instead.

The five-hour surgery took place last week. Doctors initially removed 28 knives and then took out a dozen more after they spotted additional ones during a scan.

Chief surgeon Jatinder Malholtra summed up the obvious by telling the Washington Post, "In 20 years, I’ve never seen such a patient. I was amazed.”

The man, identified as 42-year-old police officer Sanjeet Singh, chowed down mostly on seven-inch pocket knives, some folded, some not, because sometimes when you're hungry you just don't have the time to unfold 'em, right?

Singh, who is expected to recover, admitted that he "suffered from an uncontrollable urge to consume knives." He also said, "I don't know why I used to swallow knives. I just enjoyed its taste and I was addicted...how people get addicted to alcohol and other things, my situation was similar."

And, yes, doctors think he does have some sort of mental issue. But we don't think you need  a fancy medical degree to figure that out.

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