Taylor Swift is speaking out in a new interview, explaining why she thinks it's important that fans understand the problems she has faced in the music business.

"The fans don't understand these things, the public isn't being made aware," Swift tells Music Week ( quotes via Buzz Feed). "I thought it was important that the fans knew what I was going through, because I knew that it was going to affect every aspect of my life and I wanted them to be the first to know,"

"And, in amongst that group [of fans], I know that there are people that want to make music some day," Swift adds. "It involves every new artist that is reading that and going, 'Wait, that's what I'm signing?!'"

Despite her success, Swift feels she has had a negative experience herself.  She left her deal with Big Machine and signed with Universal Music Group after she says BMLG sold her master recordings to Scooter Braun, with whom she had a long-standing feud.

"[Artists] don't have to sign stuff that's unfair to them," Swift tells Music Week. "If you don't ask the right questions and you sit in front of the wrong desk in front of the wrong person, they can take everything from you."

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