Let's face it, every kid has clogged the toilet at some point in their life. Maybe too much toilet paper or something else that shouldn't be in the toilet. It happens with a kid, that shouldn't be a death sentence.

Horrible news to report out of Pasadena, Texas, just outside of Houston. This past Friday, police were called out to an apartment complex about a possible shooting. When police arrived, they found a six-year-old girl with multiple gunshot wounds. Authorities attempted to save the girl, but she sadly died at a nearby hospital.

Police arrested a suspect, 35-year-old Raymeon Means. A neighbor says that Means came to check on her apartment after the girl clogged the toilet. He was checking to see if water was dripping into her apartment. That neighbor says their was a commotion in the parking lot between Means and a woman shortly after he left. The neighbor says the woman had a knife and was telling Means to leave.

Means allegedly then went back to the upstairs apartment and that is when four gunshots were heard. Means already had previously been convicted of endangering a child and injury to a child. He has been charged with capital murder of someone 10 years or younger, records with the Harris County Jail show.

He was booked on Saturday and was denied bond, records show. If something as simple as a clogged toilet is going to make you lose your cool with a kid, you really should never even think of being around kids.

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