Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but while you may be mulling dinner preparations and seating charts and such, don't forget about the kids. They'll need something to do, especially since children who are normally in school will be home for the holiday.

Keep those little hands busy without reducing yourself to that hand-traced turkey. This collection of craft projects will keep you both entertained while also decorating your Thanksgiving table.


Thankful Turkey



Turkeys themselves may not be thankful for much at this time of year, but parents can help their kids learn about gratitude with this construction-paper project in which children include things they're thankful for on the turkey's “feathers.” We're guessing “a day off from school” will be written on more than a few feathers.


Thumbprint Place Cards



With just a couple stamp pads, a pen, some glue-on eyes, and of course a few tiny thumbs, kids can create cute place cards for the Thanksgiving table. Just make sure they don't seat Aunt Edna next to Cousin Susan again — everyone's still talking about that incident from last year.


Spoon Pilgrims



Everyone seems to focus on the turkey and forget about the pilgrims. These little colonists require only a plastic spoon, black and white paper, a glue stick and the requisite googly eyes just for fun. Kids love anything with googly eyes.


Turkey Hat



The turkey hat is a bit more involved and requires a glue gun, so you'll need to help the kids with this one. But it looks like a fun project to do together and — bonus — it'll give you something to wear to the next Royal Wedding, too.


Autumn Leaf Candle Holders



The how-to video for these pretty candle holders is lengthy, but the instructions themselves aren't. You'll just need glass jars, decoupage glue and some of those autumn leaves cluttering up your yard. When the kids are done, drop in a tea light candle (or, to be super-safe, a flameless LED version) and enjoy the glow on your Thanksgiving table.


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