Here's yet another sign we're letting Christmas completely take over November. According to a new study, the average woman has already started getting ready for Christmas party season. 

The average woman will put in 49 hours over the next five weeks or so preparing for Christmas parties. Here's how that breaks down.

21 hours of shopping for outfits. That will probably not include the time spent driving store to store or even going out of the area to find the perfect dress or dresses.

18 hours at the gym working out. It will get squeezed in at some point during the day after everything else is done. So do not be surprised if it comes early on in the day or maybe late at night, but, it will get done!

Six hours researching a hairstyle, then getting their hair done. And a good chunk of that will be done in between all of the other daily activities she might already have on her crowded schedule of daily events. Then to wrap it all up, four hours of makeup, fake tanning, and teeth whitening.

The study also found women will spend more time preparing for Christmas party season than any other major event, including a friend's wedding, New Year's Eve, a birthday party, or a big date.

So ladies, how much time do you spend getting ready for the one big party you are hosting?

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