Kids, there are nights that they will go to sleep and nights that they won't. 'The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep', a story written by Swedish author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, employs psychological and positive reinforcement techniques to help induce sleep for kids.

The book was published last year for American audiences and is gaining in popularity with many parents stating that the book not only helps in putting their child to sleep but even themselves.

The story follows Roger the Rabbit and his mother as they take a trip to Uncle Yawn's house to help Roger fall asleep. During the journey Roger meets Sleepy Snail and Heavy-Eyed Owl who give Roger advice to help him sleep faster.

Reviews for the book on Amazon are mostly positive with many parents stating that it works. There are a few reviews that state that the book is very long and that their kids lose interest, a couple others state that the e-book version was not formatted properly for Kindle devices.

You can take a look at a preview of the book on Amazon.


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