Once again, the Goodyear Blimp will be making a stopover in Lawton, tomorrow, Tuesday, May 25 in the afternoon.  Fans of the blimp love to watch the skies for it's arrival and for flights over the city of Lawton.

The Goodyear Blimp, Wingfoot Three will be stopping in Lawton as part of it's cross country trip from its home base in Carson, California to Goodyear's home office in Akron, Ohio.  During the visit, the blimp will land at the Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport located just down 11th Street.

Goodyear has built more that 300 lighter than air vessels for public relations and defense applications.  They also are known for aerial coverage of some sporting events.  Right now there are 3 airships in the United States with the latest Wingfoot Three being commissioned in 2018.

Goodyear Lawton has been the host to the Goodyear Blimp on several occasions.  Employees are drawn to be eligible for rides in the blimp.  My son-in-law got to take a trip several years ago, and said it was a once in a lifetime event.  Normally, when the blimp makes it way to Lawton, it lands and departs from the Goodyear plant, however the weather over the last weeks have made the ground too soft for the support vehicles that accompany the blimp.


In 2019, the Goodyear-Lawton plant celebrated it's 40th Anniversary.  Not many residents remember when Goodyear was brand new.  I do.  Since they first began production, they have produced more than 700 million tires for original vehicles and for replacement tires in markets around the world.

We are blessed with Goodyear being a partner in the community with many team members and leaders participating in various programs across Lawton and the state.

Keep your eyes to the skies tomorrow afternoon and you may just get a glimpse of the blimp!

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