Some common questions and expert tips from Pam & Barry.

Should you buy or rent?
Interest rates are at an all time low but how long to you plan to stay in the area?

The Magic Phrase – what projects bring the best return on investment?
Upgrades are a good idea but too much personalization can bring a poor return.

When is the best time to start repairs?
It’s time to make those repairs after winter. Each year make sure you take care of repairs and get your home ready for spring and summer

Watch the video to see how Pam and Barry can help find your dream home while making you feel like family.


Listen to this tip to find out what you should do when you find a house that meets your needs.


When you are getting ready to sell you home, which of the dollar values for your home should you pay most attention to? Find out now.


How can you help out the buyers of your home?

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