The happy, humble medium sized metropolis of South Park will be facing a pandemic of truly epic and hilarious proportions. The all new South Park "Pandemic Special" will air Wednesday, September 30th 2020 (09-30-20) at 7:00pm CST on Comedy Central.

I for one can't wait to see this, I love South Park and I can only imagine what Trey Parker and Matt Stone have in store for us. One of the best things about South Park is their no holds barred, nothing's off limits approach to everything. No topic or person is off limits and the show has always been an equal opportunity destroyer. They take on everything and everybody equally. Not to mention how current they stay on all the latest and greatest issues and hot button topics that cause controversy and mass butt hurt.

Of course that means not even the COVID-19 pandemic is off limits, nor should it be. I'm sure it will upset, offend and disturb some people, that's just an added benefit. The Karens and Chads of the world I'm sure will have something to say and I'm sure it'll be utterly ridiculous and their emotional temper-tantrums will be met with even more laughter. Which if I'm being honest is almost as funny as the show itself.

It'll be great to see all our favorite characters of South Park in this timely one hour special and see just how they fair with the pandemic and all that goes with it. Spoiler alert: I have a pretty good feeling that COVID-19 will be the end of Kenny.

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