Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year for the holiday season. Stores are already placing their ads and deals for their specials for Black Friday and even Thanksgiving day. If you are going to be one the many shoppers going out to brave the crowds, having a game plan will help.

There is a website called that displays every ad, special and deal with every major retailer that has been announced. With this website, people can view the ads and compare them to see who has the better deals and when stores will open, close and how long the event will last with each store.

Wal-Mart just recently announced that their Black Friday event will be a week long sales period in hopes to stagger the sales and give shoppers more opportunities to buy into their holiday deals.

Are you going to be one the many shoppers that will brave the holiday shopping madness on Thanksgiving and Black Friday or will you pass and do all of your shopping online?