Ties, shirts, gift cards, hand drawn pictures. They have all been give to dear old dad. This is the year to give him something out of the ordinary. 

Oscar Mayer has a tasty alternative to ties for Father's Day: bacon. The company is selling the "Oscar Mayer Original Collection," a selection of gifts centering on the beloved pork product, packaged with 18-20 slices of bacon in a velvet jewelry box.

Along with the fancy-boxed bacon, Oscar Meyer's website SayItWithBacon.com gives meat lovers three gift options. "The Commander" comes packaged with a stainless steel money-clip decorated with an image of a bacon strip, and engraved with the words "Bringin’ it Home; "The Matador" features bacon strip cufflinks; and "The Woodsman" packages a bacon-strip decorated multitool with the bacon box.