The Voice's Season 17 moved into the live Playoffs rounds Monday (Nov. 11), with the top 20 contestants vying for votes from coaches Blake SheltonKelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani and John Legend — and America! Based on how viewers rate them, eight lucky singers will make it through to the Top 13, with the coaches then choosing their own favorites, and the remainders with the highest scores battling for a "wildcard" slot.

Team Blake led off the evening with four contestants delivering a wildly diverse mix of genres. Hewing closest to the country side of things was 17-year-old Gracee Shriver, whom Shelton stole from Clarkson's team in the playoffs. The Oklahoma native chose to do the sweetly contemplative "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum.

Apparently something happened off camera regarding a guitar Shriver was supposed to be strumming, because Clarkson marveled immediately, "I want the world to know you had a guitar in your hand and something went wrong with the guitar, and you had to impromptu change your whole performance. That was remarkable. A lot of people would have been thrown off by that," she noted, adding that Shriver handled it like a "total professional."

Shelton agreed. "The guitar thing would have freaked me out," he admitted. "The other thing I want people to know at home is how far you have already come from the rehearsal that we had last week to right now.

"I could not be more proud for you to be my country artist this season on The Voice," he concluded.

We'll be following along each week to keep up with the Season 17 competition, so be sure to check in weekly to check the progress of your favorites on the show.

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