On Monday (May 20), The Voice presented its Season 16 Top 4 finalists for America to vote on. Coach John Legend’s Maelyn Jarmon was the sole contestant not on Blake Shelton's team. Meanwhile, Shelton's Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts and Andrew Sevener represented (and dominated with) country vibes. All four performed three songs: A cover, a duet with their respective coach, and an original song.

Sevener opened up the show, making his initial appearance on the finale performing a duet with Shelton, Free's bluesy '70s hit "All Right Now."

Shelton seemed to think this song wasn't quite in Sevener's wheelhouse: "I'm making him step out of his comfort zone," he noted, to which Sevener looked doubtful. "My first thought of Andrew was his sexy voice. His personality is something I'm attracted to," Shelton further explained.

"What do you mean by attracted to?" inquired Sevener.

"Drawn by you. I want to be your friend," Shelton joked. "Slumber parties. Let's go."

As it turns out, the song was quite a perfect duet choice, allowing the masculine edge of both singers to (yes) shine forth sexily.

Things heated up even more when Shelton informed Sevener would have the chance to sing with the legendary Travis Tritt on Tuesday's part two of the finale, to which Sevener noted that he might just throw up (out of excitement, of course, not disgust). Sevener then took the stage with a Jason Aldean-like stomping original anthem, "Rural Route Raising," which got the audience pumped up.

Tune in tomorrow (May 21) to see which contestant will take home the entire season!

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