Apparently, todays hyped forecast has reached PSO. I've lived here a long time, and not once have I ever received a call describing what could happen in the event of a large storm like meteorologists keep talking about. In the details of the recorded message were the possibility of power going out and the dangers of downed power lines. Since you're the responsible adult that has made a comprehensive tornado plan, maybe we should talk a little about an after-action plan.

If Mother Nature does her worst in your area, and you come out of it ok, what's next? Most people will hop in their cars and go exploring. It's almost sad how we almost voyeur destruction, but that curiosity is almost natural nowadays. One thing everyone should be aware and on the lookout for is downed power lines.

As the night sets in, it's even harder to spot these electrifying nope-ropes, and it's often too late for whomever stumbles across them. While we may have practiced the stop-drop-roll drill constantly as kids, it may have been more prudent to observe power line safety. Honestly, I thought randomly catching on fire was going to happen growing up, but I don't remember anything about electricity other than a teacher shouting "Don't stick that in the socket!"

If the weather does turn on you, stick to your plan. After it moves off and you discover you're safe, don't be the guy that goes looking around at the destruction. We have Facebook for that. Worry about yourself, make phone calls for everyone else. Stay home. You don't want to be the individual that impedes emergency crews this time of year.

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