The Voice Season 14 Live Playoffs continued at its brisk pace Tuesday (April 17) with the 20 out of 24 contestants who did not immediately advance from Monday’s Playoffs taking another try again to win popular real-time votes.

Needless to say, this is a bit of a cutthroat time, necessitating appropriately aggressive moves. Team Blake Shelton's Wilkes, who harbors a dark rocker side, definitely put the pedal to the metal this evening by choosing a song made famous by Shelton's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Not just any song by Stefani. The breakup song by Stefani—namely, "Don't Speak," which she wrote about her agonizing split from No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal and released in 1996.

Wilkes didn't just deliver the tune (with a sinister edge, we might add, that Stefani did not have in her lovelorn original version and would probably not able to replicate at any point in her life). He managed to show off his stage chops when his mic stand malfunctioned and collapsed, executing a smooth drop to his knees that looked totally planned and continuing to sing without missing a beat.

The judges were duly impressed, but of course, the main opinion had to come from Mr. Gwen Stefani's Boyfriend himself. He approved, noting, "Great song choice." We'll agree on that, Blake.

The Voice Live Playoffs will continue through Wednesday, when we find out who made it through, so be sure to check back to see if your favorites made it.

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