A family in Canada decided to have some fun with their annual corn maze by turning their 16 acres of land into a giant QR code. The result was astonishing.

One evening the Kraay family was flipping through magazines trying to brainstorm ideas for their annual corn maze, when a QR code at the bottom of a page caught their eyes. No one has ever tried to do something so outrageous. Would it even work?

The Kraay contacted their maze designer who helped them develop and design the maze into a QR code.

“The first time it didn’t and work and we figured out that it was because the paths weren’t dark enough compared to the corn.” Rachel Kray said.  They went back, she said, to darken the paths in order to make the code functional.

QR code is a type of a barcode. When scanned the barcode reveals code information. For example when you scanned the Krayy’s family maze you will be redirected to their website where you can get their location, hours of operation and information on other attractions available at the maze.

The Guinness World Record lists the QR code corn maze as the largest in the world. So this Halloween season take a trip to Canada and see this one-of-a-kind attraction!

[Source: ABC News]