Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Let me just start by saying this is not where it happened. It looks like a typical parking lot. Most do. Lots of cars that surround the shopping plaza or big box store or where ever you go to shop.

Now that we have that fact established, why did you have to park right next to me? For the most part the lot was empty. I was parked well over 250 feet from the entrance. I am not one that has to have up close and personal parking.

There was plenty of spaces closer to the door. Why did you not take one of those? Why did you have to pull your over sized monster of a vehicle next to my smaller one that yours towered over then proceed to open not one but both doors on the drivers side and almost at the same time put not one but two big ole door dings in my passenger side.

Oh yeah. They are noticeable. Lets see. Black from over sized vehicle that meets small grey car. Yeah. You know you did. And then your passengers get out and yell at me as if I am at fault. No. I am the small one here.

I am not the over sized truck that parked over the line and too close to the little guy. Hey just because you have out of state plates and your bigger does not mean you cannot be courteous. A simple I am sorry would have been nice. All I got was - your car is out of place. Wow. Really?

I hope that you do not act this way in your home state. Or treat some one lets say from Oklahoma who may visit your state in the same manner. My dings will serve as a memory of an afternoon that was going just fine until you parked to close to me. Why?