Getting a ticket in the mail is the worst. Feels good to know when you're innocent. This couple knows they this ticket isn't theirs but the state of New York was not dropping it.

The Browns of Coppell, Texas were quite shocked to get a parking ticket from New York City in the mail. Considering the fact their car had never been in that state, it was quite a surprise. The Browns say that car has only been in Texas and Oklahoma.

In fact, they were even able to prove they were in Texas on the day of this alleged parking ticket. They had purchases at some local restaurants in Texas. They even have a receipt for the car being used on a Texas toll road that day. How in the hell could it be going through a toll road in Texas, while being illegally parked in New York?

They sent all of these receipts to the state of New York as proof they were not there. The state said they still needed to pay the fine and since they were trying to fight this, late fees started to pile up. The original $75 ticket went up to $125 for failing to pay on time.

The Browns contacted their local news team NBC 5 to see if they could investigate as to what is going on. Turns out it is one heck of a coincidence. Someone in New York is driving around in the same make, model, color car as the Browns and also the same license plate number. The only difference is the Browns have a Texas license plate.

The Browns have now had their parking ticket dropped by the state of New York and now they know someone in New York has their twin car. I'm sure they got a headache for having to deal with this for a couple of weeks, but they do have a pretty funny story for life now.

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