We can talk all day about mask requirements and mandates. I've spoken my peace about them, I've listened to yours, and whether we agree or disagree, it still remains... Mask mandates are not unconstitutional and do not violate your rights here in Lawton. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but the best of us have given lives to gain and protect the very freedoms some are perverting for a trivial subject... So, who's ready for a real tale of good old fashion, actual pandemic English tyranny?

Across the Atlantic Ocean lies the epicenter of where America started, England. We used to be apart of that United Kingdom. Our colonies were a large part of the commonwealth. But as you know, when push came to shove, we decided to break free and live our best life independent. We wrote documents, outlined basic rights, and granted citizens the power to overthrow tyranny in the future. While England has made vast changes in the centuries since their epic and biggest defeat, English citizens are still subject to rule by their governments, and because they can't so much as own steak knives beyond a certain length, they have no way of rising up and fighting said tyranny.

This pandemic has seen its fair share of it the world over. In Wuhan (pronounced WOO-han with vigor) the government literally welded the doors of homes shut to enforce a mandatory stay-home lockdown. That's tyranny. North Korea is rumored to be executing the sick to contain the spread. That's tyranny. And now, England has banned sex in your own home unless you and your partner are married. Let that sink in... The English government has banned unwed sex in the Northern portions of the country. Even if the person you're, ahem, "spending time" with is a long time companion, girlfriend, lover, etc... If you're unmarried, you shall remain celibate until such a time as the government deems it OK to copulate. Don't let me be accused of spreading an untrue narrative, there are ways around this stupid mandate... Couples can rent hotel rooms, but that's a new spin on the government forcing you to pay to have those biblical relations. This is what tyranny really looks like. Wear your dang mask Karen.

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