Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins struggled to have a child for years, but in 2017 they became a family of four. In a new issue of People, on stands this week, the singer and his wife open up their home to share what life with two daughters has been like so far.

“There’s never a dull moment,” Lauren tells the magazine. “We’re tired, but we’re happy!”

The couple adopted 21-month-old Willa Gray from Uganda in May, and three short months later, biological daughter Ada James was born. While Rhett and Akins say Willa has easily transitioned from life in Uganda to life in America, having a baby sister shook things up.

Meet Thomas Rhett's Baby, Ada James Akins

“You almost couldn’t tell that she ever lived anywhere else,” Rhett says, explaining that the two have already been to Times Square together and that she's even shared the stage with Dad. “She’s such a go-with-the-flow child.”

Lauren agrees, but says things took a more emotional turn once baby Ada joined the family. “When she came home from Uganda, she didn’t skip a beat. She rocked it!” Mom says. “Going from Uganda to America, nothing. Having a baby sister? World-changing! She’s been very emotional.”

Lauren was volunteering in Uganda when she met then-newborn Willa and fell in love. Their desire to become pregnant shifted to a desire to adopt the little girl, but that wasn't an easy process, either. After a year of traveling back and forth to the country to further the adoption process, Lauren learned she was pregnant. It was an emotional time for the family, and they're grateful to be complete.

“I feel like I went through two separate births. I didn't ever think Willa Gray would ever come home," Lauren says. "The blessings around us are incredible. We feel like it’s all part of the plan."

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