Tim Montana shows off a different side of himself in his new video. The singer-songwriter's new clip for "Gone Looks Better" finds him leaning into his emotions, and fans get to see the results in a Taste of Country exclusive.

The rowdy country-rocker turns introspective on the new song, which finds him running into a former love. The encounter makes him realize that she is moving on from their shared past "like your heart ain't even took a hit / While mine's here barely beating."

"Gone looks better, gone looks better on you than it does on me," Montana reflects ruefully in the chorus.

Jenny Kawa plays Montana's old flame in the video, which takes place in an old abandoned house that has seen its better days. Montana delivers the song wistfully in the foreground, while Kawa appears in the background at various intervals as if she's a memory coming back to him unbidden.

Montana says that symbolism is deliberate, and it's one of his favorite elements of the video.

"'Gone Looks Better' is a song a little outside of the norm for me… not the typical wild man/full send, but I’m not afraid of showing off my softer side," he tells us. "I wanted the video to have a little mystique and leave the viewer wondering, ‘Is the girl in the video a figment of my imagination or a spirit haunting me?’ I love the juxtaposition of the portrayal of a broken relationship and a dilapidated house. Director Blake Judd knocked this out of the park!"

Montana's life is as colorful as the most high-octane aspects of his music. Raised near Butte, Mont., with no electricity, he became involved in music early on and made his way to Los Angeles. His collaborators and friends are a diverse bunch that includes Kid Rock, Charlie Sheen, Lee Brice, Michael Ray and more. He has collaborated with Kid Rock frequently, as well as Billy F. Gibbons from ZZ Top, with whom he has also formed a partnership to market their Whisker Bomb Pepper Sauce.

Musically, Montana has seen a groundswell of success recently as part of Ray's "Higher Education" video, which features guest appearances from Montana, Kid Rock, Brice and Gibbons. He recently appeared on Fox News with Ray, and that spot, in turn, has brought greater focus to his own endeavors.

He recently released his own latest album, Long Shots, which includes "Gone Looks Better." The 12-track project focuses on themes of hard living, America and the blue-collar way of life, celebrating the everyday heroes that make the country what it is.

For more information about Tim Montana, visit his official website, or keep up with his latest via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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