I have always, always loved country music.  I love the deep meaningful lyrics, and I'm not gonna lie, I like the fun bubblegum tunes in small doses too.  This selection of songs ranges in the middle section of Country's playlists, with one exception, a song just added to our radio station this week!

This is also the first list in a while that has only two duets.  If you look at the 40 most played songs on the radio right now, you'll see that duets rule!  With everyone from Brad Paisley and Jimmie Allen to Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood, and even the fun Dierks Bentley with Breland and Hardy, there are so many that found that grabbing a partner is not only fun but takes your tune straight to the top!

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    At the End of a Bar

    Chris Young with Mitchell Tenpenny

    This song is so new, there's not even an official video for it!  I know that when you think of duets, you naturally think of a guy and a girl, but there are several on the Top 40 list that are two fellas.

    This song has all country elements, broken hearts, drinks, country music.  Love the way these two voices blend.  It's going to be another huge song for Chris Young, and so glad to hear from Mitchell Tenpenny again!

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    One Mississippi

    Kane Brown

    This song makes its second showing on my favorites list.  I love a song that is moving, and this one is just that.  Add to it Kane Brown's deep voice, and what's not to love about this song!

    'One Mississippi' hangs on to the Number 4 spot on my Top 5 favorite list!

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    Whiskey and Rain

    Michael Ray

    I guess this week, I have a few repeats!  This one is not from the last list, but the list before.  I am loving the lost love in this song.  I guess if you know the personal stories of the artist, you'd think he's channeling his own personal life, but, let's not go there.  Let's just say, heartbreak sells records, and I guess it makes it so easy to add to my favorites list!

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    Just About Over You

    Priscilla Block

    If I use my own analogy, maybe I have a thing for breakup songs.  I tend to lean toward them when choosing favorites, but, worry not!  I'm perfectly happy.  I think that maybe Ronnie Milsap was wrong when he sang 'Nobody likes Sad Songs'.  I really do.  They just go hand and hand with country music.  I think we all identify with the heartbreak no matter how happy we actually are!  The heartbreak leaves a bigger mark.  Great hearing new music from new females in country music too!

  • 1

    Thinking Bout You

    Dustin Lynch w/ Mackenzie Porter

    This song was the last song to be chosen on my last favorite list. From number 5 to number 1!  Loving the duet with Dustin Lynch and Mackenzie Porter, and the blending of two beautiful voices.  Romance and ballads are in the air for this Fall, and as a girl who loves love, I'm ready to Fall in love with new music!

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