Hard to believe that so many years have come and gone since we used to sit close by the old RCA television to watch Roy Rogers. We intently held on to every word until it was over.  And that signature song at the end told us it was time to move along.  Or else in a matter of minutes, mom would be chasing us out the door with the broom!

Trigger, the beloved horse of Roy Rogers rode many adventure with other cowboys along the trail, but as with anything else, time took its toll and Trigger passed on.  Roy decided to have him stuffed instead of the usual.    Now it seems that we will see Trigger ride again.

Trigger and Bullet the wonder dog will be perched on a float during the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 2, 2012 in Pasadena California.  The float celebrates what would have been Roy's 100th birthday on November 5th.

Roy's son and grandson will be along for the trail ride in the New Years parade.  The float is sponsored by RFD-TV which airs the Roy Rogers Show and owns both Trigger and Bullet which they purchased at auction last year.

I, like many who grew up watching the singing cowboy will be watching for one more nostalgic look back on our childhood.