Trisha Yearwood has been hinting that she's got something new coming for the fans via social media, and husband Garth Brooks looked like he was about to burst trying not to spill her secret too early during his weekly Inside Studio G Facebook Live on Monday night (Nov. 5).

Yearwood posted a series of photos to Instagram on Monday, with each one showing one small part of a larger picture. When she was done posting nine separate pictures, they came together to reveal what appears to be the cover of a new single. The sexy shot shows Yearwood wearing a hat that's tipped over one eye, and she's wearing a man's coat, shirt and tie, with the tie loosened and the shirt suggestively open and showing some skin. She's been accompanying all of her posts with the hashtag #LBF.

Brooks answered a number of fan questions on Monday night, and one of those questions was about Yearwood's mysterious posts.

"Oh, I know what that is," Brooks says in the video above after seeing the picture, but before he can go on, someone behind the camera says, "But you can't say what it is!"

"Oh, I can't?" Brooks says, appearing to be unaware that it's supposed to be a secret. He seems as excited as a little kid, instantly saying, "Is there any hints that we can give?"

Informed that fans have been guessing that #LBF might stand for either Little Black Fedora or Let's Be Friends, Brooks can't resist a pretty big hint, saying, "One of them's about 66 and 2/3 percent right."

Brooks says Yearwood's fans "have been asking for something for years to come out, and this is cool. It's neat to be in the house with her while this is going on."

Brooks made some news of his own during Monday night's broadcast, announcing that he will debut his upcoming new single during the 2018 CMA Awards. He hasn't shared too many details about the song, revealing only that it makes him think of his wife because it's about strong women, and he refers to it as "Trisha's Song,' though he teased that the songs initials are STN. Yearwood will be hearing the song for the first time live during the broadcast, and Brooks plans to release it to country radio the following day.

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