Oklahoma has several locations of unique history! And one of them are the tunnels under Tulsa.

Tulsa Tours offers exclusive tunnel tours under Tulsa. According to the Tulsa Tours website, the tunnel tours offers oil boom stories with a guided tour inside and below historic buildings. The tunnels in Tulsa "are underground corridors and street-level interior hallways. They connect office buildings, hotels and parking garages."

Why are there tunnels under Tulsa?

Most of the tunnels that Tulsa Tours explores were constructed after WWII. The tunnels were actually built out of convenience for workers to easily get between buildings and parking garages. According to the Tulsa Tours website, Tulsa did have some tunnels that were used to transport booze during the Prohibition, but afterwards, these tunnels fell into disrepair and no longer exist.

Tulsa oilman and philanthropist Waite Phillips also had two tunnels of his own that he utilized for safety, one of which is visited on the Tulsa Tours.

Where are the Tulsa tunnels?

Part of the Tulsa Tours of the tunnels is you'll get see some of Tulsa's beautiful and historic buildings. The tunnels are located in downtown Tulsa, along South Boston Avenue between 2nd Street and 5th Street.

The buildings that are connected by the tunnels include 20 South Boston, Kennedy Building, Mid-Continent Tower, Atlas Life Building, Philtower and Philcade, parking garages and Hyatt Regency hotel.

When are the Tulsa tunnel tours?

Tulsa Tours offers tours of the tunnels on Fridays and sometimes on Thursdays. The tour lasts an hour and a half. It costs $30 per person. Tulsa Tours also offers private tours. For more information, check out the Tulsa Tours official website.

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